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Negotiation concepts – Marginal

Economists use the word marginal all the time. The most common is: marginal cost means the change in total cost that arises when the quantity produced of a good increases by one unit. Or more precisely, the first derivative of the cost function. Marginal can be used in front of a range of financial terms, for example revenue or profit. Importantly it can also be Read More →

Shooting London Fashion Weekend

London Fashion Weekend

Last Friday, Canon Professional Services kindly invited me photograph the Alice by Temperley show at the Vodafone London Fashion Weekend, the consumer orientated event tacked on to London Fashion Week proper. The event was aimed at people who wouldn’t normally photograph this sort of thing and the pre-event ‘briefing’ spent a lot of time explaining the ‘rules’ of being in a ‘press pit’. Apparently if Read More →

World Press Photo not about world or press photos

American Girls by Ilona Szwarc

Its World Press Photo 2013 time. Discussion amongst press photographers about the images chosen for awards is in full swing and, as usual for a group that rarely agrees on anything, is getting a little heated. Personally, I’m disappointed that some very clichéd images were chosen. Photographing a young girl with a doll has been done a thousand times before. But at least it wasn’t Read More →

Is Boots grabbing the rights to your photos?


Photographers are used to online services attempting to exploit their images. The instagram débâcle was just the latest in a long series of similar rights grabs. Over the pond, Walmart Canada was recently busted for including a rights grab in the terms for its print service. Yes, you read that right. Not for a newfangled social media app given away for free but for old Read More →

Negotiation concepts – Goods and utility

In any detailed discussion of negotiation its inevitable that I’m going to need to use a few concepts borrowed from economics. I’ll try to keep them to a minimum but they are fundamental to what follows and provide a toolkit to analyse various situations and strategies. For simplicity, I will refer to the publisher or end-user of the photograph as the client. We will start Read More →

Negotiation for photographers – Introduction

I’m constantly amazed at just how bad some photographers are at negotiating; even apparently successful full-time professionals. Being good at negotiating takes practise. Unfortunately this means that picture desks, who do this every minute of every day, are exceptionally skilled at it. Commercial clients are generally not far behind. They also have the advantage of good information gained from thousands of completed deals. One of Read More →

A warning about copying captions

I recently discovered that some of my photo captions from a recent Julian Assange set had been copied and pasted word-for-word by an Alamy/Demotix contributor. The individual concerned had form in this area after being caught copying another photographer’s captions the month before. Its inevitable that similar photos are going to have similar captions and I often check details with fellow photographers. Normally its asking Read More →